What Is Phygital Marketing?

What Is Phygital Marketing?


It is called Fijital (Phygital),which means the mix of digital and physical.

In Fijital marketing, the physical + digital concept is that brands and businesses are using their marketing and sales strategies. In some sources, it can also appear as the concept of integrated marketing communication. Any company that interacts with the customer in a physical location, such as retail, restaurants, dealerships, hotels and others as an industry, and tries to improve your physical experience with digital experience is the main component of this strategy.

Mobile technology, IBeacons and other location-aware devices are used to inform, educate or intervene customers while they are physically at work.This application is one of the examples that can be given to fijitale.

Fijital will also make a big leap in the gaming sector with areas such as finance and banking, retail, restaurant franchises, hotels as its use area. As an example, the popular Game of recent times PokemonGO is a successful fijital application. It is a fijital app that has not been successful in Google Glasses.

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