A Visually Impaired Man Has Started Seeing Again Thanks To An Artificial Cornea

A Visually Impaired Man Has Started Seeing Again Thanks To An Artificial Cornea


An artificial cornea developed by an Israeli company called CorNeat offers great hope for the visually impaired. The company applied this cornea, which they named KPro, to a 78-year-old man to restore the patient's sight.

Artificial corneal implants have long been a method of harboring hope for the visually impaired. These implants, which require extremely challenging surgery, are usually applied as a last resort. But the artificial cornea, which a company called CorNeat has been working on for a long time, consists of a simple process that requires minimal stitches and procedures.

This cornea, called KPro, which the company developed, enabled a 78-year-old blind man to regain his sight. The cornea was integrated directly into the patient's eye wall, and the patient was able to recognize family members immediately after surgery and read the numbers in the table.

KPro will soon be used in other countries

After KPRO is integrated, the fibroblast and collagen inside the device gradually begin to adapt to the area where it is applied, and this process is completed within weeks after the procedure takes place, " CorNeat explained for his artificial corneas, which have an extremely rapid healing process.”

After the successful operation, 10 more patients received approval for the same procedure, and KPRO is expected to begin implementation in France, the United States and Canada soon.

"After years of hard work, it was an extremely exciting and emotional moment to see a colleague easily integrate KPRO into the patient and witness the patient regain his sight," the Israeli-based company said after the 78-year-old regained his sight. No one could hold back tears during the process.”

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