Man Who Lost Bitcoin Password Will Lose $ 240m If He Enters Wrong Password

Man Who Lost Bitcoin Password Will Lose $ 240m If He Enters Wrong Password


German programmer Stefan Thomas, who forgot the password of his Bitcoin account and could not log in to his account for years, only had the right to try 2 passwords. If he enters the password incorrectly, $ 240 million will disappear. 

Bitcoin, which is one of the digital currencies that everyone has heard of in recent days, has achieved quite a lot of popularity around the world. Bitcoin, which has reached a very large valuation with new investors brought by this popularity, has experienced a fairly good rise in 2020, managing to withstand the levels of 40 thousand dollars.

At the time, only medium-sized pizzas were received with 10 thousand bitcoins, now about 8,500 medium-sized pizzas are received with 1 Bitcoin. As you can see from here, many people who invested in Bitcoin in the early days also became millionaires. One of those millionaires was German programmer Stefan Thomas. But Thomas was pretty unlucky compared to many other Bitcoin millionaires.

In 2010, he wrote “What Is Bitcoin? Stefan Thomas, who created an animated video called " and won the competition with this video, received a 7,002 bitcoin prize of $ 3-4 apiece. In other words, at that time, it had a prize of about 25 thousand dollars, although its full value was not clear. Thomas, who left his bitcoins in a corner at the time, also lost the password to the corresponding bitcoin account over the years. The German programmer's loss of the bitcoin password left him with a fortune of exactly $ 240 million.

He Will Lose $ 240 Million If He Enters The Wrong Password

"A painful memory. I hope others can learn from my mistakes. Test your backups regularly to make sure they're still working. A gram of Foresight could have prevented a decade of regret. However, I will do what I always do“

Although the 7002 Bitcoins earned by German programmer Stefan Thomas in 2010 were worth as much as 25 thousand dollars at the time, they now have a valuation of exactly as much as 240 million dollars. But Thomas can't remember the password for the Bitcoin account involved. Thomas, who said he lay in bed every night thinking about his password, trying to remember the passwords he used the most, said he had the last 2 days to try the password.

Thomas, who lost the paper in which he wrote the IronKey password years ago and did not remember his password, used 8 of the 10 password trial rights granted to him and failed. Thomas has only 2 Rights left to enter the correct password. If he can't find his password and enters the password incorrectly 2 more times, he will lose 7002 bitcoins, which these days have a value of $ 240 million. Given that Thomas forgot the bitcoin password 10 years ago and entered 8 incorrect passwords, he doesn't seem to have much access to the Bitcoin password…

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