Mutation Coronavirus Continues To Spread

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A new mutated type of coronavirus (Covid-20) has been reported in 4 people in Spain. 

The new type of coronavirus (Covid-20), detected in the UK, which has mutated and is described as more contagious, is increasingly spreading.

A new species of Covid-20, mutated in the UK, has also been found in Spain, the Madrid regional government announced. Antonio Zapatero, an official of the regional government of Madrid, said at a press conference that the 4 cases identified were related to people who had recently arrived from the UK.


Confirmation of a mutated new type of coronavirus that alarmed the world yesterday in Japan raised concerns, Japanese Health Minister Norihisa Tamura announced that 5 people who were found to have returned from the UK had found a new species. Finally, it was announced today that the mutated Covid-20 virus has been detected in 2 more people identified as having travelled to the UK.

A new type of corona virus (Covid-20) outbreak in Japan has detected 3,849 new cases in the last 24 hours. The number of daily cases in the country has set a record for 4 consecutive days. In addition, the mutated virus was seen in 2 more people in the country.

Friday, Thursday and Wednesday were the highest in a row for the number of daily covid-20infections in the country. With the latest development, the case record was broken for 4 days in Japan.


In France, a more contagious type of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-20) has been identified in a person with contact with the UK. A Frenchman who arrived in Tours, France, on 19 December from London, said a more contagious type of Covid-20 had been found. Although the person in question did not show symptoms, he was quarantined and work was started to identify those who came into contact with this person.


Concern is growing in European countries. The Health Ministry of the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg announced that a mutated coronavirus has been detected in the UK in Freudenstadt. The ministry said it was the first mutated case in the country.

The patient, who was found to have the mutated virus, was reported to have arrived from the UK on December 20, arriving in Germany from Frankfurt Airport.


A male patient in western Ukraine has reportedly been identified as the mutated type of coronavirus that originated in the UK.

The mutated Covid-20 species has so far been identified in the UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, Australia, South Africa and Italy. The new type of coronavirus (Vui-202012/01),which has been detected in the UK and is said to be 70 per cent more contagious, has also appeared in Israel.

UK Health Minister Matt Hancock reported that another species of the mutated corona virus had been identified in 2 people from South Africa. Hancock said the identified species was spreading even faster than in the UK and mutating more.

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